OpenMediaVault : Maintain entries in /etc/hosts

I struggled to be able to maintain my own /etc/hosts entries on OpenMediaVault.
For various reasons, this file is “controlled” by OMV, but there is no menu in the interface to customize its entries…
Moreover, there is no notion of “section” within the /etc/hosts file, where we could imagine OMV to be in full control of one, versus another section where we could maintain manually our entries…

So, I found this solution (after a while of browsing through Internet forums):
1. Create your own file (/etc/hosts2)
2. Create a SLS file that is used during /etc/hosts reconstruction

This file should be like this:
Filename : /srv/salt/omv/deploy/hosts/20myentries.sls

{% set hosts = salt['']('cat /etc/hosts2') %}
- name: "/etc/hosts"
- text: "{{ hosts }}"

Expected outcome : each time the /etc/hosts is re-constructed by OMV, your specific file (/etc/hosts2) is appended to it…

Incorrect characters in Yahoo mail using Thunderbird the last weeks/months, I had issues when sending email through my Yahoo mailbox, using Thunderbird…
Not through other mailbox providers
Not using Yahoo webmail

Symptom: UTF-8 incorrect handling. Strange characters (%?…) in the mail body…

Why ?
Not sure why, but something went wrong on Yahoo side (SMTP servers config I guess)

How to solve it ?
Here are my findings (tested on Windows and on Linux)
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Enpass 6.0 : multi-vaults and Owncloud setup

Enpass LogoI’ve been using Enpass for a while now.
Enpass is a passwords manager, that works fine on desktops running Windows / Linux / Mac, and perfectly integrated with my browser (Firefox,…). It also works on Android and IOS, which makes it really convenient for day-to-day usage…
I may create a special post just to explain why you must use a tool such as Enpass to store your passwords, and why did I chose Enpass (commercial license => you have to pay on mobile devices / but it’s free -like in free beer- on desktops)
I’ve got it installed on all my devices (Linux, Windows, Android phone, Android Tablet,…), as well as for my whole family.

Enpass recently migrated to version 6.x. Among several major changes, one was very expected on my side : multi-vaults…
This means you can create separate vaults to store your passwords, and share some of them with others… I was waiting for it to share many passwords with my wife (on-line shops, government agencies,…)

I managed to do it properly, but you need to know how to configure things.
Here is how I proceeded…
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