Thin clients setup at home for kids

It’s been a long time since I wanted to move to a thin client infrastructure at home.
Up to now, kids are using some very old laptops, with a minimal Linux distribution. I setup a central Edubuntu server (on a Virtual Machine), with their accounts, and the kids laptops are using remote X (through NX/FreeNX for better reactivity).

Problem: I don’t want to maintain those minimal Linux OS, and I would like to replace those old laptops (broken keyboards, damaged screens,…) with simpler, cheap and low consuming hardware (Wyse,…).

So my first step was to setup the infrastructure to support those thin clients.

And this is what I did, taking advantage of Edubuntu distribution… and LTSP !
The main steps:

  • install LTSP server
  • construct thin client images
  • setup DHCP server
  • tune specific configuration for each thin client if needed

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