OpenMediaVault : Maintain entries in /etc/hosts

I struggled to be able to maintain my own /etc/hosts entries on OpenMediaVault.
For various reasons, this file is “controlled” by OMV, but there is no menu in the interface to customize its entries…
Moreover, there is no notion of “section” within the /etc/hosts file, where we could imagine OMV to be in full control of one, versus another section where we could maintain manually our entries…

So, I found this solution (after a while of browsing through Internet forums):
1. Create your own file (/etc/hosts2)
2. Create a SLS file that is used during /etc/hosts reconstruction

This file should be like this:
Filename : /srv/salt/omv/deploy/hosts/20myentries.sls

{% set hosts = salt['']('cat /etc/hosts2') %}
- name: "/etc/hosts"
- text: "{{ hosts }}"

Expected outcome : each time the /etc/hosts is re-constructed by OMV, your specific file (/etc/hosts2) is appended to it…

France Television pluzz (replay) on Ubuntu

France Televisions

Several TV channels are offering off-line replay modes. That’s great for me, as I’m not spending my time reading TV programs enough in advance to record what I would like to see later… It happens often that someone talks to me about a TV program the day after its broadcast…
too late…
or not with “replay TV”.
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Virtual Machines with KVM under Ubuntu

What about setting up a little datacenter at home ?
That was my decision several months ago, when I started to think about building my “own cloud” at home.
For that, you need one ń•ysical server, and a good Linux distribution running a virtualization environment. I chose KVM over Ubuntu.
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