Plugins for Pidgin

pidgin-white_dock_2Several years ago, I was intensively using Pidgin with a lot of satisfaction. When returning to it recently, I realized that Yahoo access was rejected.
This is linked to changes in the way Yahoo specifies its messaging tool nowadays.


Hopefully there are solutions…
When investigating this Yahoo issue, I also found a way to capture Skype chats in Pidgin too…

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France Television pluzz (replay) on Ubuntu

France Televisions

Several TV channels are offering off-line replay modes. That’s great for me, as I’m not spending my time reading TV programs enough in advance to record what I would like to see later… It happens often that someone talks to me about a TV program the day after its broadcast…
too late…
or not with “replay TV”.
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Virtual Machines with KVM under Ubuntu

What about setting up a little datacenter at home ?
That was my decision several months ago, when I started to think about building my “own cloud” at home.
For that, you need one ĥysical server, and a good Linux distribution running a virtualization environment. I chose KVM over Ubuntu.
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