Little hack to display last Tweets

This morning, I was reading an interesting article about plugins in WordPress, and how to get rid of them (available here, in French… Google Translate is your friend 😉 ).
I wanted to test adding my Tweet feed, not impacting performance (I tested several plugins already, but they decreased performance, as I could measure on GTmetrix).
And this hack works !
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Some Google improvements for your blog

Holidays ! Good time in perspective…

But today, I’m still at home, and it’s raining “cats and dogs”… So, I read some twitts & blogs, and this investigation led me challenging my blog “quality” in regards of new Google indexing engine.

Thanks to Diane Bourque website and journal, I had some hints…

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WordPress optimization

After someone presented me GTMetrix, a performance evaluation web site, I immediately tested it against my Blog…
Result was not too bad, but could be greatly improved.

I read many pages on the web, about WordPress optimization. And I could not figure out which one to choose… so I tested several, and I’m proposing to share my results with you here….

For your information, according to GtMetrix, my initial and final performance values are:

Before After Benefice
Page speed grade 90% 99% +9%
YSlow grade 83% 93% +10%
Page load time 2.51s 1.63s -35%
Total page size 357KB 269KB -25%

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