Incorrect characters in Yahoo mail using Thunderbird the last weeks/months, I had issues when sending email through my Yahoo mailbox, using Thunderbird…
Not through other mailbox providers
Not using Yahoo webmail

Symptom: UTF-8 incorrect handling. Strange characters (%?…) in the mail body…

Why ?
Not sure why, but something went wrong on Yahoo side (SMTP servers config I guess)

How to solve it ?
Here are my findings (tested on Windows and on Linux)

  1. Set Thunderbird to use UTF-8 format both for incoming and outcoming mails (not sure if incoming are necessary, but it should not hurt…)
    Menu Options / Display, tab “Formatting”, push button “Advanced”. You get a popup windows, where you can select options at the bottom (section “Text Encoding”)
  2. Set Thunderbird to use those default setting, even when replying/forwarding
    In the previous popup windows, always in section “Text Encoding”, check box “When possible, use the default text encoding in replies”
  3. Set mail.strictly_mime parameter to true
    Menu Options / Advances, click on button “Config Editor…”, and change the parameter value

That’s all…

I works for me… Hope it helps !


One valuable source of information:

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